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Why Us

Why Eten Group 

While the work we do is complex, what motivates us is very simple – we want to help people tune out the noise, make informed decisions and face the future with confidence. That desire is the foundation of our firm and the spirit that drives our team every day. Helping people realize their lifelong goals is not just a job to us, it’s a passion.

We’re dedicated to providing the highest level of service to people we’ve grown to know and care deeply about, and often serve several generations of their families. Whether you’re interested in managing wealth now, preparing for retirement or leaving an estate to your heirs, our goal is to help you manage your assets so that you can live your dreams.


Our Philosophy


​A fruitful financial life has many different nuances and nearly limitless potential, so our team is careful to approach your life as it is now to help you plan for all it can be. In that regard, we invest the time to learn exactly where you are now, how you got there and where you see yourself in the future.

​This gives us clarity, and is integral to good strategic planning, risk management and asset management. We never lose sight of what matters to our clients. Money is a means to an end, and we are keenly interested in what matters to you.

​This principle guides our team as we help families identify their unique financial circumstances and objectives, then create specific strategies designed to help secure their Family Investment Legacy.

​Our Client Commitment

​We’ve developed our practice on the premise of long-term investing for a secure financial future. When you place your trust in us, you gain a partnership intended to both simplify and enhance the management of your wealth through personalized solutions. We put your needs first, delivering unrivaled services and support throughout our lifelong client relationships.

​We are dedicated to conducting each client relationship with full attention, unencumbered objectivity and honesty so that we may develop strong connections, maintain properly balanced portfolios and help investors plan for the future through sound financial strategies. We believe this leads to satisfaction for our clients as well as a successful and fulfilling advisory practice.​

Eten Group Established 2004

Moment Shiodome


Minato-Ku, Tokyo


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